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Sankang company built the largest pool ozone generator production base in China

With the wide application of ozone in the swimming pool industry, Jinan Sankang quickly grasped the market information and reviewed the situation. After several years of market accumulation and technological innovation, it has established the largest production base of swimming pool ozone generator in China.

Jinan Sankang swimming pool ozone generator production base is located in Xinghe Industrial Park, Huayuan Road, Jinan City, covering an area of 1200 m2. The production personnel of pool equipment workshop are all composed of top-notch technical personnel of Jinan Sankang. In order to promote the technological innovation of ozone equipment in Sankang swimming pool, the company specially employs many experts and university professors with rich experience in water supply and drainage as technical consultants, providing perfect on-site application technology and technical services, and laying a position for the company's products.

With the increasing demand for swimming pool ozone equipment, Sankang will adhere to the production and operation philosophy of "maintenance and innovation, to the best", and provide customers with high-quality ozone generators and perfect after-sales services.

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