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Sankang ozone company won the bid for two 120kgh units to be used in the field of ozone low temperature denitrification of chain furnace

Based on the strong technical strength and strict investigation of the factory area, production capacity and field examples of the customer, Sankang ozone company decided to adopt two sets of 120 kg / h ozone denitration system schemes designed by Sankang ozone company. This project not only accumulates more valuable application experience for Sankang company in the field of ozone denitrification of chain furnace, but also lays a good market foundation for the wide promotion of ozone denitrification application technology.

Jinan Sankang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan high tech Development Zone, Shandong Province. The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of large ozone generator. Since its establishment for more than 20 years, Sankang company has been committed to the research of ozone generation mechanism and ozone process application. It is the editor in chief of national standards and industry standards of China's urban construction standard ozone generator for water treatment (CJ / t322-2010), and a participant in the formulation of national standards for ozone generator of the Ministry of health. This year won the AAA credit enterprise honorary title of the Ministry of Commerce.

Since its establishment, the company has carried out in-depth cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong University, Liaoning University of science and technology and Zhejiang University in the research, development and application of ozone technology. It is a domestic ozone company dedicated to the research and application of ozone low temperature denitrification. In the field of ozone denitration, Sankang company took the lead in promoting and applying the first ozone Denitration Process in Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province and Northeast China with its professional technical platform.

With advanced discharge technology and manufacturing experience in the world, Sankang has been at the forefront of domestic ozone technology for a long time. Sankang is one of the few companies in China that has a single ozone production capacity of more than 200kg / h and has field examples. Facing the development tide of environmental protection industry, Sankang company has a broad market prospect.


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