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5g ozone generator

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This equipment is specially designed and developed for space sterilization of food and pharmaceutical industry, with simple appearance and easy operation. Using air as raw material, ozone concentration is stable after drying.

1. The generator unit has independent intellectual property rights. The generator tube is made of high-purity ceramic as dielectric material and processed by exquisite ceramic interface polishing process. It can withstand high temperature and high pressure (1600 ℃, 100kV), realize 30000 hours of trouble free operation, and greatly improve the reliability of the whole machine (the whole machine is tested by 3000 hours of continuous operation)

2. The application of IGBT inverter high-voltage and high-frequency power supply (18kV, 20kHz) makes the generator tube generate strong and stable electric field, generate corona discharge, effectively improve the efficiency of the generator unit and save electricity

3. The high efficiency generating unit determines the compactness of the whole equipment, which is 1 / 4-1 / 3 smaller than the similar products

4, the modular design of the generating unit is very convenient and convenient to form a larger system, and a module fails, which does not affect the work of other modules.

5. Effective cooling keeps ozone production stable

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