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Jinan Sankang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Engaged in ozone generator since 1999,located in jinan city,shandong province,china,Sankang has grown to a leading ozone generator manufacturer with the largest capicity scale in China.


As an ISO 9001 & CE approved factory,sankang company mainly committed to ozone R&D and manufacturing 3G-150KG/H ozone generator system and its after sale service.Our products are mainly divided into industrial ozone generator ,pool ozone generator,medical ozone generator and multi application ozone generator


With 20 years devotion in ozone generator,we have expanded our production line into a 20000m2 workshop. Sankang ozone company as a participant co-editor of China“National Ozone Standard ” (GB/T37984-2019),owned more than 20 ozone generator patented technologies and most advanced discharge technology(high power primary resonance fully controllable rectifier technology),which is capable of manufacturing 150kg /h (single unit) ozone system with successful customer case.


Since the establishment of Sankang Company, it has carried out in-depth cooperation with the China Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shandong University  of Science and Technology in the research and development of ozone technology. Ozone generator is mainly used for water treatment,waste water treatment,flue gas denitrification,space disinfection,Color/odor removal,COD reduce and industrial oxidation,etc

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